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Fibonacci, fractals, RSI, CCI, Pitchfork Tool, Volume, Gap And Scalping Trading Tips And Tricks 

Dayprotraders is an educational website that aims to achieve the following goals:

1/ To assist technical traders in mastering the predictive fractal patterns

of Mr Benoit Mandlebrot. Therefore, help them to use the predictive

fractals more accurately in day and swing trading. It is also our aim

to encourage traders to become familiar with the most powerful

market forecast tool that is the predictive fractal patterns

The predictive fractal patterns have nothing in common with the well talk about fractals.

Indeed, the advanced financial market analysts prefer the predictive fractal patterns to the Elliott wave patterns. So far, the financial market participants have only scratch the surface of that gigantic market prediction tool (predictive fractals of Mr Benoit


 I always wonder whether we have finally found the holy greal of

the financial market prediction or forecast. It is always a dream comes true when one already knows what the price-action will do before it takes place. 

Though, that is not an exact science, the feeling that one felt as the price is fulfilling the expectation (forecast or prediction) is indescribable.

2/ To equip online traders with the best knowledge and understanding of the Andrews pitchfork tool. Truly, one can not call oneself an advanced technical trader if one does master the pitchfork tool like an expert. Apart from the normal ways many use the pitchfork tool, there are more advanced pitchfork tool trading techniques one can learn and use today. 

 The pitchfork tool trading video playlist at Dayprotraders

YouTube channel will help traders to make Andrews pitchfork work a little bit more harder for them.

3/ To help a normal Fibonacci trader become a more clever Fibonacci trader.

Moreover, to show Fibonacci traders how to sharpen both their Fibonacci retracements and extensions trading strategies like a pro. Also to master Fibonacci clusters and the sweet spot Fibonacci trading tactics

 As one spends more time on this website and channel,

one will not only learn the theory of Fibonacci trading, but also how a technical trader can use Fibonacci retracements or extensions more profitably to avoid costly Fibonacci gambling

and trading mistakes.

4/ To teach financial markets participants how to trade the oversold and overbought RSI oscillator and CCI indicator more precisely. To quickly help CCI and RSI traders correct their CCI and RSI day and swing trading mistakes. 

Ultimately, teach traders how to use the momentum oscillators flawlessly without being cooked. To learn more about RSI trading strategies, RSI trading questions or quiz, and how to trade the momentum of the momentum oscillator RSI

(Relative Strength Index). Know also about the best CCI indicator settings and its ultimate role.

5/ To reveal to traders how the professional traders use the trading volume in the stock market.

To share the secrets of a successful volume stock trading

Understanding the trading volume, removing past misconceptions about the trading volume, and avoiding those undesirable volume technical analysis mistakes. If one is a stock market trader, one has the right and duty to learn how to use the volume bar indicator like a king.

6/ To boost candlestick bars and patterns trading strategies for free. Furthermore, to give traders a clear understanding of the candlestick bars and patterns. To shed more light onto the candlestick technical analysis. 

Our aim is not to repeat the same story about candlesticks trading, but to assist candlestick stock traders become more competent in using the candlestick bars or patterns.

Truly, what matters to technical traders is what practical trading education will help them make better trading decisions. It is nice to know about the candlesticks, but the most important part is the practical bit.

And that is what we will be caring about on this website and its YouTube channel.

7/ To demonstrate to scalpers the best scalping trading strategies that they ought to deploy; and become a bigger fish scalper without being fried by the expert scalpers in the financial markets.

Scalping is a highly lucrative trading business for those who master it. 

However, there are scalping trading rules, and best practice scalping approach. It is risky, exciting, addictive, fast and furious too.

8/ To assist gap traders use more robust gap trading strategies. Also to clear all gap trading confusions that often arise. Therefore, help gap traders gain certainty in their gap trading.

Instead of guessing whether one should use a gap continuation or exhaustion or opening gap trading strategy, one will become a more confident gap trader who knows exactly the appropriate

gap trading strategy to use. One will be able to answer any of the following questions:

What does it mean when a stock gaps?

What is gap and go trading?

What is a gap up?

What is gap up strategy?

9/ There are to levels of advanced technical analysis. The first is the mastery of the Elliott wave principle, but the second is about using fluently the predictive fractal patterns, Fibonacci, Andrews pitchfork tool and the trading volume

 Generally, beginner technical traders start learning how to use the vast array of technical indicators. Then, one day, the left hand side eye pops open and they say “now I will start learning about Elliott at and its YouTube channel”. 

 Another time, the right hand side eye widely opens and they say something like this “ may be I need to start mastering predictive fractal patterns, Fibonacci, Andrews pitchfork tool, dynamic trend lines and the trading volume”.

That awakening will happen at one stage as a technical trader endeavors to become a more advanced technical trader.

10/ I always enjoy helping beginners and advanced technical traders both on our websites and YouTube channels. People always say to me why do you do that?

My answer is an orderly trading environment is a healthier one. When there are more intelligent technical traders or market players in a financial market, that market is healthy. 

 You do not want to trade with others who do not understand the financial markets or trading tools that they are using. They will just cause you loss, and it is not their fault. That is why many hedge funds, investment banks and professional traders abhor the “dumb money” or retail traders that are still learning how to trade or invest.

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